COVID-19 Success Stories

School of Rock, a multilocation music school, had to rethink its approach due to the pandemic. Instead of fully shutting down, the company launched a virtual one-on-one remote program for students to continue their lessons with teachers.

In-store beauty brand Peach & Lily has started using social media to provide tips and guidance to customers to engage with them virtually. The company used the lockdown as an opportunity to launch its Skincare Academy to establish long-term connections with customers in the comfort of their homes.

Uber introduced new health and safety guidelines for passengers and drivers. Mandatory masks, rider seating in the back only, safety feedback after each ride, and face cover check technology for drivers are ways in which the company is creating added value by providing psychological and physical safety to customers.

Fine dining restaurant Canlis in Seattle narrowed down its menu – offering zero-contact meals, curated boxes of ingredients from the farm, and cocktail kits. The restaurant live streams the sounds of the dining room for fans to recreate the Canlis ambience at home.

Capitol Hill Books, a packed 3-floor bookstore, started recommending books via social channels based on the budget and author/genres and taking appointments for pick-ups while practicing social distancing much before everyone else.

Baar Baar, a gastro bar in NYC, started hosting virtual mixology classes for a cause, engaging with customers and encouraging them to pick up specially priced happy hour cocktails at the patio bar.

Hair color company Madison Reed quickly shifted its brick-and-mortar workforce to digital. More than 100 employees were transferred to answering customer service calls to support increased customer demand. The company grew its online sales, while redeploying most of their employees without layoffs or furloughs.

Payments company Gravity had to make a hard choice between laying off its workforce or going bankrupt. The company decided to engage employees for ideas. As a result, everyone volunteered to take pay cuts based on their financial situation and managed to stave off layoffs and sustain the company through the next 8 to 12 months.

Care is intrinsic to Unilever’s Dove brand values. To reinforce this message, Dove released a video on social media that illustrated proper hand-washing techniques. At the same time, Unilever announced $100M in product donations, including 200,000 face masks to New York City hospitals to help keep healthcare workers safe, driving home the company’s commitment to care.

Skincare brand Tula launched a marketing campaign called “Masks for Masks” where customers can buy a certain kind of skincare mask and 100% of proceeds will support getting more medical masks to NYC’s frontline healthcare workers. The company’s focus is on health and it found a timely and powerful way to convey that message.


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