We are on a mission

to change how work gets done

by empowering organizations
of all sizes and structures to become more human, adaptive and purposeful.

When people bring their authentic self to work, are empathic and curious, lead with their heart, dare to innovate, and are vulnerable and transparent, they drive organizations to grow holistically. We enable them to do just that.
Our values drive us to create, collaborate, and inspire one another. We are a team of authentic, empowered, energetic, individuals who lead with purpose and have transformation at our core.
Our story began when our co-founders
Priya Gopal and Payal Vaidya met on Bumble BFF and became great friends. They connected on several commonalities including their upbringing in Bombay (now Mumbai), professional experiences in global marketing communication agencies and their desire to change the work environment and culture. 
They recognized the need to empower people by bringing systematic changes in organizations through innovative leadership, inclusive cultures and delightful experiences.
We at The Thinking Hats are passionate about organizational design and transformation. Our frameworks and methodologies are derived from the principles and practices of design thinking, behavioral science, organizational psychology, and neuroscience.

We are coaches, facilitators, designers, speakers, researchers, strategists, storytellers, futurists, branding and communication veterans who have found each other on the journey to make work better. Our backgrounds are diverse, and mission, unified.

At The Thinking Hats, we are obsessed with finding solutions to:

How can organizations inspire a sense of purpose and mission?

How can leaders think with their hearts?

How can empathy become a collaboration tool?

How can organizations practice what they preach about truly becoming more inclusive?

If this strikes a chord, let’s work together.

Affiliations and Partnerships

We are proud to be a women-owned business and serve ALL with openness, curiosity, and a spirit of learning and partnership.

Copyright 2020 

Email: hello@thethinkinghats.com  I  New York City

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