Power. Presence. Influence.™ 

A Leadership Program
To Promote Inclusivity

In today’s environment, organizations say they are more committed than ever to promote diversity and inclusion, but huge gaps remain between what they are doing and the outcomes achieved. For organizations to walk their talk, they must put strong leadership programs in place to develop a more inclusive leadership pipeline. 

Power. Presence. Influence.™ is a turnkey leadership program that can be quickly implemented within an organization. The program is rooted in organizational psychology and behavioral sciences and is designed to develop key skills and support, engage and empower potential leaders to contribute to the organization's goals and success.


We use a design thinking approach to customize and implement the program.


We understand your organization’s strategic D&I goals, interview key stakeholders and

identify gaps.


We design a blueprint that addresses key skills including emotional intelligence, communication, and presence, delivered to the group in an interactive, hybrid format.


Using research insights, we frame broad focus areas, working within your defined budget and parameters.


The program is refined and tested. Key leadership team members are brought on as advisers and sponsors. We create clear ROI and success metrics to measure the effectiveness.








  • Designed to be implemented virtually across offices using hybrid group learning formats

  • Allows organization’s leaders to be actively invested in the growth and development of the high-potential employees

  • Empowers employees, especially people of color, to feel supported and engaged within the organization, creating an inclusive environment 

What clients say

- C. Ferguson

Senior Consultant,


"Excellent leadership program. Highly recommended! It has already benefited my career. Helped me to define my goals, achieve them and become a better influencer."

- L. Carrera

Investment Operations, and Social Media Professional

“This program was well structured and kept me engaged from beginning to end. It provided a space where I was able to focus and improve my communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as identify my career goals.”

- S. Bennun

Staff Engineer


“I'm applying the concepts of Power. Presence. Influence. at work. I've now become a better listener and am more assertive in my everyday communications and interactions." 

Schedule a consultation to learn how Power. Presence. Influence.
can promote inclusive leadership in your organization.

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